Elington Belgravia 3 Payment Plan

By virtue of its impeccable location in the heart of Dubai City, Maple brings you closer to what matters most. Take back that precious time so often wasted in transit and give it back to yourself and your family. Dubai Hills Estate is directly linked to Al Maktoum International Airport by the new metro lines, and just a 12 minutes drive away from Mohammad Bin Rashid City, your worlds of work and play become more closely connected yet remain serenely separate.

Installment  Percentage (%) Milestone
1st Installment 15 + 4(Dubai Land Dev. Fees)% Down Payment
2nd Installment 5% 120 days after the reservation date
3rd Installment 5% 20% of Construction
4th Installment 5% 30% of Construction
5th Installment 5% 40% of Construction
6th Installment 5% 50% of Construction
7th Installment 5% 60% of Construction
8th Installment 5% 70% of Construction
Final Installment 50% 100% Construction of Building